Make Money on eBay with SaleHoo

It's not often that I get to promote a product or service that I truley believe is worthwhile.
SaleHoo is one of the few true products that delivers exactly what the authors claim.

Here's a quote from their web page: "Wholesale Product Suppliers and Sources for Product at below wholesale. SaleHoo product sourcing directory contains 1000's of ture wholesale suppliers!"

Talk about blow me away..  they really do have 1000's of products at wholesale prices.  I was wondering where all these people making big bucks on ebay were getting their supplies from.  Now I know.

Okay, I said ebay.  I wasn't going to talk about this here, but what the heck. (I've had a few glasses of wine and my tongue feels like wagging.)
Some friends of mine have been making a killing on ebay.  They've been bringing in several grand a week.  Now I'd made a little bit of money on-line with ebay and asked my friends how  they were doing this?
[I'm really going to get shot for reveiling this secret, but what the hell I can delete this later.]
They were buying products at wholesale and selling them at just below the normal retail price on ebay.
Now I know some of you out there know that this is pretty normal.  The catch is how do you get really good wholesale prices?  Well what my friends were doing is going along to one of our largest computer and DVD distributers "End of Season Clearance Sales" and buying pallet loads of DVD players and computer parts, printers, scanners, cameras etc.  Now here's a BIG secret that a lot of people will be wondering about... what if they didn't sell the pallet loads of stuff???  Guess what they didn't!  They would sell about eighty percent and return the other twenty percent back to the supplier for a FULL refund!  "How's that?" I hear you say.  Well the supplier didn't mind because they got rid of eighty percent of the products that they were trying to clear.  My friends didn't mind because they were making a pretty hefty markup (profit).
Farmer Jones or Smith, that lives in the the middle of the country, didn't complain about the product that they bought from my friends because they were living hundreds of miles from those big department stores and they knew what it would cost them in gas to get there.

I guess you get the picture by now.  SaleHoo has a wholesale listing that will knock your socks off!
You can sign up with them and if you feel that they are not for you no problem you can get a refund!  ;-)

Pretty cool huh!

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Best of Luck


- Carl


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